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Parigot crafts and executes insight platforms, brand concepts and visual identities. Our mission is to create, develop or strengthen a graphic identity as a holistic vision and to help companies and organizations form distinctive brands with focus on their special talent, values and offer.

We strive for each one of our creations to add the value and understanding needed to deliver Short-term Results and Long-term Brand Loyalty.

We design for a powerful brand experience and deliver:

  • Logos and Visual identity
  • Printed matters
  • Editorial & Publishing
  • Spaces & Environments
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Products & Packaging
  • Digital & Interactive


From PARIS to GÖTEBORG. Passionate about design as a way of building brands, a genuine interest in communication strategy and trends, a master degree in graphic design and 20 years of experience in design-studios and as freelance creative in Paris, now based in Göteborg area.

I have knowledge and experience in branding, retail, product development, photo and digital media from projects with both large global companies and smaller players. I’m solution-oriented, love details and can offer my genuine engagement for your brand at all levels and in all channels. From Göteborg to Paris and beyond…


From Craft to Industry, from Institutions to Start-ups, strong relationships are forged and built upon a foundation of mutual trust.


Liten Jizô comes with luck, they will protect and inspire you. Each one of the objects in the Liten Jizô collection invite to kindness, tolerance and acceptance towards yourself and others. They can become a part of your lifstyle, they can be shared or simply make you smile. As a gift, thay are a lovely way to tell someone how much you care!