A human centered groupe

Specialized in the field of electronic equipment (hardware) and systems (software), AECE is a multidisciplinary group serving industrialists in aeronautics, military, automotive, cosmetics, naval, agrifood, pharmaceutical, bio-technical, rail sectors. With the acquisition of several companies with complementary skills, the group's identity had become scattered. In the process of evolution and clarity of the offer, AECE trusted me with their project of expressing a new visual identity for the group. The brief was: expressing the passion, precision, and innovation of a human team of engineers and technicians who offer tailor-made solutions, adaptable, and always one step ahead. Around the simple idea of ​​a weld point and the evocation of exchange, I created a soft sign and typographic expression of humanity and a tailor-made solution. From this base, a color was defined for each company with the same design of the letters applied to its name. This allowed both a differentiation, personality, and belonging to the group. I developed the principle of a corporate visual system, with stationery, diagrams, images, brochure, and website.