Vous êtes bien ici.

AVIA is one of the main oil players in France. In its continued growth, modernization, as well as the attractiveness and visual impact of their motorway rest areas, was necessary. The goal - the transformation of spaces offering a wide range of services for pleasant breaks before relaxed getting back behind the wheel. My mission included: 1 / a look & feel concept, the visual expression of the sign and signage. 2 / A common thread that links the space to the shop Casino Express, a new logo for the brand, and the visual layout of the store. Around the idea of ​​feeling good and a localization system, the customer is greeted with the words “Vous êtes bien ici” in a totem pole that evokes location. Typography is a multiple set of letters, including and identifying. The signage is supported by color to reinforce and understandable for all. The style extends into the boutique space, for signage and communication. Illustration is used to indicate offers and for showcase campaigns. The Casino Express logo is simple and dynamic and doesn’t conflict with the rich visual system.


Food & Beverages