Inspired by the inside

Liten Jizô comes with luck, they will protect and inspire you. Each one of the objects in the Liten Jizô collection invites to kindness, tolerance, and acceptance towards yourself and others. They can become a part of your lifestyle, they can be shared or simply make you smile. As a gift, they are a lovely way to tell someone how much you care! This is a personal project that started together with a good friend in 2006. The idea came when discussing how it would be nice if a product could impact your personal status by being you, from the inside instead of by superficial features. The Liten Jizo is a fun, gratifying, and very instructive journey with the challenges of the complete process; create, planning, produce, package, market, sell and ship the products. Liten Jizô has won an award at the Pulse trade fair in London, highlighted at the Formex trade fair in Stockholm, and sold in shops in France, Sweden, Belgium, and England. They have found homes all over the world.


Design & Craft