L’autre coté du vin.

For 3 generations the Marcon family has been selling quality wine that goes beyond the standards. Today it holds an intimate knowledge of wine: a style, a culture, a savoir vivre that it invites to discover. Around its establishment in Saint Bonnet le Froid, and a network of distribution counters, whose efficiency and consistency are sublimated by the loyalty and authenticity of the relationships forged with winegrowers, professionals, and amateurs. Aligned with the brand platform and the idea that each wine is a story that begins with a meeting, I created their visual signs for a very personal customer experience, inside and outside their shop and distribution counters. The Marcon team has embraced the signs of the new identity, freely creates and communicates with joyful energy, and masters all touchpoints. They manage to keep a cohesive spirit and the brand is evolves in a very personal way.


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