Michelin, total performance

Michelin is a world leader in tire manufacturing. The French company has its head office in Clermont-Ferrand. Facing a changing market towards increased online shopping, competition at very competitive prices and a more female customers, Michelin is committed to offering the most complete combination of performance, thanks to cutting-edge technologies. With the launch of new tires - the needed a signature expressing the multiple benefits and clarity required for a digital, unassisted purchase. Assigned by the TBWA agency, I designed the Michelin logo, Total Performance. The sign, a three-dimensional shape, circular with the thickness of a tire and the brand's colors, evokes movement and the consistency of three benefits - safety in the dry as in the wet, mileage longevity, energy efficiency. At the time of launch, the emblem becomes a totem on the Michelin stand at the 2013 motor show and marks the tires as a sign of quality.